The 11th Anniversary of the Libyan Revolution

The Democratic Party would like to congratulate the heroic Libyan people on the 11th Anniversary of the Glorious 17th of February Revolution.

We Libyans have not yet succeeded in establishing our democracy as we are learning that the journey to freedom is very arduous indeed. However, thousands upon thousands of Libyan youth have generously given their blood on the alter of freedom. This will ensure that Libya will soon be free.

The Democratic Party would like to appeal to the American President to clarify the American position regarding the establishment of democracy in Libya. This will greatly speed up our transition to democracy.

The Democratic Party would also like to appeal to the United Nations to set the dates for the referendum on the constitution as well as for the legislative elections. Moreover, we would like to request that the UN establishes a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Libya like the one sat up in South Africa after the end of apartheid.

Libyans are wondering when the transitional periods will come to an end.

The Democratic Party has been the voice of the voiceless since the 14th of July 2011.

Long Live Libya

Ahmed Shebani
The Democratic Party

Arabic Translation

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