The Democratic Party’s Tenth Anniversary

I would like to congratulate all members and friends of the Democratic Party on this happy occasion of its tenth anniversary.

The Democratic Party was established on the 14th of July 2011. It was the first Libyan political party to be established after the advent of The Glorious 17th of February Revolution.

Since day one, the Democratic Party has called for a secular and democratic Libya whereby political legitimacy is to be solely derived from the ballot box and not from any theocratic dogma. Theocracy does not recognize the people’s right to self-determination in a flagrant violation of Islam. Contrary to theocratic beliefs, Islam is not a dictatorial religion that coerces its followers through the power of the state. Rather it is the religion of freedom per excellence as it categorically prohibits coercion. Indeed, Islam does not recognize the power of Man over Man, for it manifestly proclaims that power belongs to God alone. This is the essence of monotheism.

On this happy occasion I find great pleasure to say that secularism will soon be adopted by the Muslims around the world as they are increasingly becoming aware that the Islamists, the enemies of secularism, are no less dictatorial than the regimes they want to bring down.

The Democratic Party will not participate in the forthcoming General Election; however it calls upon all Libyans to vote in it.

Many Happy Returns

Ahmed Shebani
President of the Democratic Party

You may find us on the following address:

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